The First League of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian: Prva liga Bosne i Hercegovine / Прва лига Босне и Херцеговине) operated by the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (abbreviation: N/FSBiH) was the top tier football league in Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and after signage of Dayton Peace Agreement of Bosnia and Herzegovina, until creation of Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2000 (formal unification of the country's football organizations as N/FSBiH happened in 1997). League changed format and name several times since its inception and the first 1994–95 season.

N/FSBiH and its competition has been recognized by UEFA and FIFA since July 1996 (UEFA admitted N/FSBiH to a full membership in 1998), as of season 1996–97, and was represented by adequate number of clubs in European competition at the time. The league numbered 16 clubs, and at first included clubs from a territory under the control of then Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina institutions and auspices of N/FSBiH only, at the time consequently with Bosniak majority. Since 1996, end of the war and adoption of Dayton Agreement, FIFA and UEFA urged and endorsed unification of all three preexisting football organizations, namely Bosnian Croat football organization, Bosnian Serb football organization and N/FSBiH, under one association as unified N/FSBiH. At first clubs from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity First League of Herzeg-Bosnia and First League of Bosnia and Herzegovina played in playoff for champion at the end of the season, while football organization from Republika Srpska entity refused to participate for the time being, indeed until two years after creation of Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 2002–03 season. At the end of the season last two teams were relegated, and winners of Second League of Bosnia and Herzegovina were promoted to First League.